Childcare Programs

TGC childcare programs inspire children to grow with us in mind and body.....

Full time and Part time care available. 

You are able to stay in touch and connected to your child's day through our Parent APP and receive pictures and reports from their educators. A great way to never miss out on all the amazing programming, activities and milestones your child is experiencing each day!

                               September 2022 Start
It may be only March, but TGC is starting to accept applications into our preschool programs for ages 2.5 to 5 years. 
Please request a tour to see our beautiful centre and receive our enrollment details.

Junior Toddlers (12 months to 22 months)  

Lots of interesting activities are created in TGC programs so children are continuously learning and having fun in a safe and stimulating environment, tailored to their development and interests.

Limited pre-toddler (12 - 17 months) spaces available in our toddler program!

Senior Toddlers (22 months to 30 months)

Building on a routine of learning! Activities such as circle time, dramatic play, art and craft mediums, music and songs, sensory challenges and fun outdoor play and learning.

Pre-Kindergarten (2.5 to 3.5 years old)

Our teachers main focus is on an enhanced curriculum that represents each child's academic ability and provides mental and physical stimulation.

Fine motor skills are developed and sight word recognition begins for the early reader. Learning letters, words and numbers through song engages the child in active learning.

Senior Pre-Kindergarten (3.5 to 5 years old)

Teachers strive to introduce and teach skills in math, science, reading, writing and geography. Learning through song and musical instruments are also incorporated in these programs.

Outdoor play includes learning about how things grow, planting and nature walks and activities. 

We at TGC believe that early exposure to the skills learned through our curriculums creates the foundation and building blocks for a bright and confident child entering into kindergarten and onward.

Our rates depend on age of child, number of days your child attends and if more or less than 9 hours per day.

We offer sibling discounts for full and part time care in our Toddler and Pre-K programs.

Please contact us for childcare rates or better yet, book a TGC Tour for you and your child.

Themed Events throughout the year

Families can join us for our Strawberry Social Mother's Day afternoon, Fishing Derby Father's Day event, Summer Barbeque Picnic Day, enjoy their child's voice and talent at our Christmas Concert/Family Social and Easter Treasure Hunt in the playground event..... to name just a few.

Additional Care Options:

PA Days, Easter Monday Single Day Kinder Camp, March Break Kinder Camp, Summer Kinder Camp for ages 4 -6 years old

For details on Kinder Camps for Single Days, March Break and Summer Weeks visit Kinder Camps