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Fun & Creativity


TGC's play-based learning philosophy supports open-ended art to encourage creative thinking, problem solving, self-expression and a love for exploration. Art displayed on the walls of your children's classrooms can foster a strong sense of belonging and well-being.


Our staff at TGC understand the importance and impact the relationship music has on a child's early learning. Music can support vocabulary development, story telling abilities, and social skills! 


Music and movement go hand-in-hand in your child's early learning which we encourage with activities and experiences that develop vestibular senses of balance, rhythm, fine and gross motor skills!


TGC ensures the learning of language  is supported everyday in how children observe communication in their environment, through stories and in methods suited to the developmental needs of each child. Our Pre-School classrooms practice multiple languages such as French, Spanish and Portuguese!


Mathematics in early childhood can be incorporated in an array of experiences that TGC staff scaffold and teach within their program day. STEM introduction prepares your child for a well-rounded ability to problem solve, measure, understand numbers and spatial awareness. 

Outside Play

Nature acts as a third teacher in a child's early life and allows them to experience the world around them and the lessons it provides. At TGC we have a lovely yard that supports exploration, creativity, gross motor and healthy risks! Our nature paths present a unique opportunity to explore and learn through play and movement. 

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